Ageism: Are you a victim?

Are you a victim of ageism?

ageAre you over the age of 50 or close to it?  Were you recently laid off or fired for no fathomable reason?  Then the answer is probably. In the oft sited article by AARP , they report that age discrimination claims have been going up yearly since 1997.  This article also provides a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that states 58% of adults believe that there is age discrimination in the workplace.  Additionally, they report that 64% of workers say they have seen or experienced ageism.  The sadder part of this report is that the survey is from 2013. This is the most recent study available.  My opinion however, is that the ageism trend has not stopped.  In fact, I believe it has become an intricate part of the new corporate norm.

What can you do about?

Can I be frank?  As hard as your situation is, you probably cannot do anything about it. Though it might be tempting, mounting an age discrimination law suit is difficult.  You can fight it, but at what cost? I worked as a manager in an IT company for years. I was daisyaware of the changes needed to keep pace with the competition. I saw the trend to cut our older, more experienced workers, in order to attract and retain new talent. I too was eventually kicked to the side. Yes, it was frightening, and I was angry, and stressed out, but in the end I was not surprised. I had seen it coming. If each of you look back on it, you may be able to see the signs as well.

First things first…

If you, like me, have found yourself in a situation where you have no job. You are close to, or over age 50, and you have no intention of retiring yet, then take a breath and relax.  Grieve if you must, but then change the way you are thinking.  Yes, you are an older worker, and no you are not at retirement age yet. Yes! You do have a job right now.  You had it the day you were let go. That most important job is “you”.  Unless you have been in executive management for major corporations, with titles like CEO, CFO and the like, then you have a lot of work to do.  The sooner you can grasp that, do your self-training, and learn to look for a job again, the sooner you will find one.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing you know how to find a job again.  Most likely, unless you came out of HR or you are a recruiter, then you don’t. (If you did come out of HR, or you are a recruiter, then we welcome your comments or insight.)

The Silver Parachute is here to help.

Silver parachuteThis blog is here to help you and me.  Research is crucial.  Reflection is crucial. Brushing up on skills is crucial. Finding your footing and understanding the new corporate environment “is crucial”.  Searching for a job after being out of the job market for over 26 years, has been an eye opener for me.  I have made mistakes and wasted precious time.  I am not doing that anymore, and if you stick with me neither will you.  This is a new blog and I have a lot of information to share.  I will try to blog daily regarding my findings and bring you advice from the people that know best.

This is a team effort!

I welcome your constructive comments and guest blogs.  I will post them once I have verified the information. This is a professional blog for professional people.  Unkindness of any sort will not be tolerated. Please note that my blog is not the place to market your products.  These will be removed as I find them.  If you think you have a product my followers cannot live without, then email me, and I will determine if I want to post it. Thank you for following this procedure.  I truly want your input.



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