Over 50 Resume QUICK TIP – #2 – email Address

AOLIt’s all in the details.

Did you know that your email address couldphoto say how old you are? What email address are you currently using on your resume? Are you using an email provider from the late 1990’s?  Sometimes we just get used to what we have and figure why change? That is what it tells a recruiter too. Perhaps you are not willing to keep up with the current trends in which case you are not for them. If you are serious with your job search, then ditch the old address.  Or if you want to keep it, then get a different address just for your job search.  The most accepted email provider, that says you are current, and tech savvy is Gmail.  If you are using AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail or any of the other email providers that have been around since the y_200_alate nineties and early two thousands, give it up.  These providers tell recruiters is that you are not keeping up with the times.iniciar-sesion_zps82bbb0c1


  • Pros and cons to this. Old emails have a following. So, for job search puposes a person could create a “gmail” account to look “hip” and with the times. For me, I feel confident with my hotmail account, no need to change. 🙂 It’s recruiters jobs to tell us “everything” has to change.. then we have to decide what info to implement.

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  • Yeah, and don’t make the mistake I did by incorporating your birthyear into your email address!

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