Over 50 Resume Quick Tip – #4 – Social Media

It’s all in the details.


Did you know that your social media footprint could affect your job prospects? It’s important in today’s job hunt that candidates be able to prove that they are current and tech savvy.  Recruiters and HR managers not only want, but increasing expect, to see your LinkedIn web address on your resume. Your digital footprint, also known as yourfootinthedoor social media footprint, is becoming a determining factor on whether you even get called for an interview.   Derogatory/negative information or posts could get you cut before you even get a foot in the door.  It is imperative that you clean and maintain your social media house frequently.

  • Make sure you have a LinkedIn account.
  • Take the time needed to assure that your LinkedIn account defines you as a professional in your field.
  • Post articles that show your expertise in your field.
  • Check the history on your Facebook Page.  Remove anything you have posted that is negative.
  • Check your online identity in the major search engines. Surveys have shown that 90% of the time a recruiter is going run a quick check this way.  Be sure what is there is accurate.

It is becoming increasing important that you pay attention to, and maintain control of your online social presence.


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