Over 50 Resume Quick Tip – #5 – Automated Tracking System (ATS)

It’s all in the details.

robotDid you know that a “Person” does not see your resume’ until it passes through a computer selection algorithm?  These algorithms are software applications called Applicant Tracking Systems or (ATS). They are used by online job posting sites to sort through the thousands of resumes’ submitted for one job posting.

Most resumes’ submitted for a job are never seen.  They are relegated to the deep dark recesses of the web known as the black hole. This is sad a reality, because there are probably hundreds of qualified people, that do not make it through the selection process.  They are not chosen, because they did not write their resume’ “specifically” for the job they applied for.  Today, getting that job is all about writing your resume’ with the keywords the selection program is searching for. If you are not getting calls this could be your problem.

So how do you beat the machine, and get your resume on the desk of a recruiter? Here are some things to look at:

  • Don’t use fill in the blank resume’ templates. They mess up the algorithms.
  • Mirror what is in the job description.  Don’t copy it but be sure you use as many of those words as possible in the top part of your resume’. These are your key word.
  • Keep core skills and technical skills to short words that are bullet lists.  Don’t use paragraphs.  One word is best two or three are okay.  Make sure a lot of these are the ones mentioned in the job description.
  • Don’t put anything but text in your resume’.  No logos, graphs or tables.
  • Make sure it is readable with a good font.
  • Check for grammar and punctuation errors.  Some algorithms look for these and toss them out.
  • Don’t put dates for work or education at the beginning.  It confuses the robot.robot2

I am an over 50 job hunter.  Looking for a job in today’s search environment has been very eye opening.  I understand computers, but the idea that my resume is not being read by the company I sent it to, was hard to comprehend.  There have been a lot of changes since I last looked for a job.  The good news is you “can” beat the system, once you learn how to work with it.



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