Over 50 Job Hunter: Entrepreneur? You be the Boss!

You’ve heard about it.  You’ve thought about it.  What about being your own boss?

You don’t have to be redundant.

After you have been made redundant, in order to help your previous Redundantemployers’ bottom line, it could be very difficult to replace your income.  In most cases employers don’t consider that you are too young to retire. It does not concern them that you will probably not be able to replace job in the same field.  Corporate america is laying off some of their best talent.  We are called the disappearing age for a reason.  Across America, older worker are disappearing from corporate america.

You are the talent.

0fficeThink of all the experience you have to offer.  Why not use that talent you have worked years to earn for yourself? While I cannot teach someone how to do this I can say that I have started 5 businesses.  Two were very small; mostly hobbies actually.  Three were fairly significant including one coffee shop/cafe.  Starting a business is not hard.  Building up a client base and then managing it can be a challenge however.  So while I can suggest this as a true possibility, I really have to leave it to you to actually decide if it is something you want to do.

It is possible. You just need to want it.

As an artist, I was able to start two different arts and crafts businesses doingage festivals and eBay.  One business was a multi level marketing sales job. My other two businesses were fairly large, including a real estate flipping business (that crashed and burned when the the market went south in 2008) and a coffee shop. Each of these businesses taught me something new, and I am no longer afraid of the idea of opening my own business.  However, I understand the effort and the RISK involved.  If I had it to do over, I might have done a few things differently, but I would never have not taken the opportunity.  They were great experiences and I learned a great deal about business from each.

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