Over 50 Job Hunter: Making the Job Transition.

Will I fit in?

cartoonfitinI ran across an article in Forbes this morning regarding what not to do when you start a new job. To be perfectly honest, I had not even considered how difficult it might be adapting to a new company culture. Intrigued by the thought, I decided others working for one company a long time might find it helpful too. The article, “Never Do This After Starting a New Job”, was written by a Forbes 500 company CEO, Alan Colberg, who discusses how new employees can make their transition into a new company smoother.

Life all is about transitions.

When you work for one place for years you are a part of that company culture. It is not something you think about daily.  It is just something you are. In many cases, depending on how long you were there, you probably helped shape the norms of that culture.  Colberg, suggests that it is important for new hires to pay attention to their surroundings and adapt to a new norm.  You cannot go to work for another company and expect your normal to be their normal.

Discard your old “normal”, observe the “new normal”.

As I have mentioned in several blogs, change is hard, and workers that have had longlightbulb standing habits of “normal” may find fitting in difficult if they are not ready and willing to adapt.  If you have read my blogs regarding misconceptions of ageism, then you will note that this is one of the criteria hiring managers use to set older workers aside. It is imperative when you start a new job you prove this mindset wrong. Set aside your “old normal”. Open your mind; observe the new normal; embrace it.

Colberg suggests:

  • Observe and adjust to the new cultural norm.
  • Seek help and ask questions. Set aside your fear of not looking like you are qualified. The bigger risk is not doing your job well.
  • Protect and build your reputation.  Follow through on commitments, communicate issues and verify all of your work.
  • Drive results no matter what your new role is. Build your job role with hard work.

fitting inIf you have been working as long as I have, then a lot of this just sounds obvious, but think about it for a minute.  It is very difficult to leave a job after years of working and not bring along that old baggage. Think back on your old job, note what that baggage is, and pack into the back of your darkest closet. Be BRUTAL! The old company is gone.  You appreciate what you have learned from the experience.  Now it is time look anew at what is in front of you, and be grateful for the opportunity.  You got this.  Just be smart enough to embrace the change.

Additional interesting reads to help you adapt.

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