Life at 50! — Laura McDaniel

Some mornings when browsing through blogging world you meet people, and their thoughts, and you wish you could just sit down with a cup of coffee and talk.  This was one of those blogs. As you know Ageism is much on my mind these days.  It is something I never thought about as I never thought I would age.  To me, I am me.  The same person I have always been.  But people see me differently now and it is very unsettling. When I meet someone older than me, don’t think about their age. I think, “what can I learn from you?”

This is my life at 50 too.

(Quick follow up – Michael and I talked about the Step Momster ‘issue’ but we will see how that plays out – AGAIN!) lol I’m turning 52 (on Wednesday – 13th) AND I’m still trying to SORT THROUGH this next chapter. After 4 years with my company (which is a long time for me), […]

via Life at 50! — Laura McDaniel

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