Post Interview let down.

After an interview, all I want to do is crawl in the bed and pull the covers over my head…

Leaving an interview I get the strangest feeling of depression.  You get excited, you research for the interview, you get nervous, you answer all the questions, put your heart into it, and realize it is over.  Now what.

You really have no idea how you did until you get a phone call for a follow-up angelinterview or a rejection letter. In four months I have had 3 face to face interviews. All three times resulted in terrible depression immediately following the interview.

After my first two interviews I knew without a doubt that I did not get the jobs.  The third one however went well.  I felt a connection. I felt like I belonged.  But who really knows.  You can’t know unless you sit in on the other interviews and compare and contrast yourself directly.

That would be the trick.  Ask if you can sit in on your competitors interviews…

walkingWhen I walk out of an interview it just feels wrong. I think, “why am I really doing this?  Do I want to take this difficult job that that will only pay me one third of what I was making before my layoff? Should I jump for joy, and be grateful that someone is willing to hire me at my age?” Do you have a tiny violin you can play for me?

That is the depressed mind at work dragging you down. Dragging me down.

I think the let down, in part, is the uncertainty.  So much effort goes in to trying to get a job that sets me back in my lifetime more than 20 years, and then the effort is over. You know nothing.

Of course I Googled it, and I am not alone.  Post interview depression is quite beercommon.  One job coach called it Post-Interview OCD.

wineWell, I’ve found the perfect cure for it that I want to share.  Find a good friend, a spouse, or significant other. Get in the car and drive to your favorite Bar and Grill. Have a good beer or glass of wine and maybe share a meal.  Enjoying yourself will chase off temporary ODC every time.  Really… it does… (Note: If drinking is not your thing… try a hot fudge sundae with nuts… that works too!)

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