About Me

Writing about myself is always difficult.  I am not a person that toots my own horn. Well not often anyway.  At the time of this writing I am 50+ years of age. (all am willing to admit to… )  I have worked since I was 16 years old, and recently was laid off after 26 years with the same company.

I was not surprised by my layoff as many others are; I had observed the change within the company for the past several years. They have embraced the growing trend in today’s business: layoff your older, more experienced staff and hire younger, current and cheaper professionals.  The appearance of the company becomes brighter, younger, and more cutting edge.  Most importantly, it helps the bottom line.  One might call this Ageism 101.

The day of an employee starting with a company and retiring from that same company is almost over. So the key for the older employee that finds themselves forced out, is learning to shift with the times.  If you, like me, are over 50 and searching for a job, I am going to provide a place to get some answers.   I have made time consuming mistakes, but I have always learned from my mistakes.  Some things I have found are shocking to me.  This blog is my effort to help others start the search faster than me. After all, we ain’t dead yet!