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Did Internet cut the heart out of Corporate America one byte at time?

Remember when there were no computers? Those of us in our mid to late fifties and early sixties are in a unique position to view the changing culture of Corporate America.  My mother, my dad, my husbands parents, all worked in business without computers.  They used pens, and paper and typewriters. When I started working, computers really were actually glorified

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Over 50 Resume Quick Tip – #9 – Job Search Glossary of Key Terms.

Branding, Birkman Method, Behavior Interview, Corporate Culture, Elevator Speech, Job Boards…  Do you know what all of these terms are?  Do you understand their meaning? It has all changed. If you, like me, are currently looking for a job after being laid off, starting to look for a new job now can be bewildering.  The resume has changed.  The language

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Over 50 Resume Quick Tip – #8 – This is essential…Keep job search organized!

Where’s that resume? You get a call for a job interview for Company XYZ.  The recruiter wants to set up a phone interview.  You sent out 5-10 resumes this week, and about the same last week.  If you are changing your resume for every application, how do you know which one you to sent to Company XYZ?  What did you

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