Guest Experiences

guestWrite for us.  Tell us your story of how you found your job after layoff.

Inspire us to keep moving forward and not give up. What were your trials? How did you over come them?

If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, give us your insight.

Ageism happens.  It happens to everyone and is not confined to just those 50 or over. Young people experience ageism. So do the middle aged.  It is an “ism” that is associated with every race, cred, gender and religion.  It is an “ism” that affects us all.  We all age.  We can not stop that fact of life.

This blog addresses ageism as it is relates to corporate layoffs and how people who find themselves suddenly without a job after years in the same company.  Finding a job today without understanding how to go about that means literally not finding that job unless you have connections. I want this blog to even the playing field a little bit.  Show others that there is hope.  I hope you will join us in this quest.

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