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Over 50 Resume Quick Tip – #5 – Automated Tracking System (ATS)

It’s all in the details. Did you know that a “Person” does not see your resume’ until it passes through a computer selection algorithm?  These algorithms are software applications called Applicant Tracking Systems or (ATS). They are used by online job posting sites to sort through the thousands of resumes’ submitted for one job posting. Most resumes’ submitted for a

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Over 50 Resume Quick Tip – #4 – Social Media

It’s all in the details.   Did you know that your social media footprint could affect your job prospects? It’s important in today’s job hunt that candidates be able to prove that they are current and tech savvy.  Recruiters and HR managers not only want, but increasing expect, to see your LinkedIn web address on your resume. Your digital footprint,

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Over 50 Resume Quick Tip – #3 – Work Experience

It’s all in the details. For years the your resume has been a statement of your experience.  You worked hard for that experience and you want to tell everyone about it.  But did you know that all that experience reveals your age?  Based on desired criteria, resume search algorithms may stop your resume from reaching the desk of a prospective employer

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Age 50 and over Job Hunters Series: Ageism in the New Corporate World – Part 2 – Mistakes

So where do we start? In part one of this series, we discussed the apparent trend of companies to reinvent themselves. As the population of Baby Boomers is aging, companies want to assure they will not be left with empty offices by mass retirements.  This is a well documented trend since around 2011, and although there are laws in place

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